Want to Know if Your Teen is Sexting? Install Parental Monitoring Software

In our world where technology continuously advances cell phones evolve growing more popular among teens that they become obsessed with it, and that is one why parents see the reason to spy on text messages for iPhone or Android devices. Although this kind of technology brings ease of communication, it also has negative effects on the user. Sexting is one harmful effect that mobile devices could bring and sad to say, teenagers are mostly affected.

You might wonder what in the world is sexting? To put it simply, it is a play of words where sex and texting are combined. What it means is that it is an exchange of sexually explicit text messages or photos and videos with another person on a cell phone. Studies show that 1 in 4 young people have engaged in sexting and this has become common among teens because of their natural curiosity about sex and nudity.

Because this affects teenagers negatively, parents turn to monitor their cell phone activities using a phone spy app like Auto Forward. With parents keeping watch of their teen’s phone activity especially their sent and received messages, they can protect them from the consequences of sexting.

The Consequences of Sexting

These are the harmful consequences of sexting your teens should be aware of:

  • It can turn into revenge porn.

Their explicit images and videos might be shared with people they have no intention to share with. It can spread to almost anyone just by sharing or the person they have shared it with can spread it around if they ever get mad at them.

  • It has legal consequences

Sending sexual images or sharing nude photos could lead them to be registered as sex offenders or they could be charged with child pornography if they are a minor. And that will be for life.

  • It has serious psychological effects

As mentioned before, the explicit photos could circulate to many and some may see it in school, they will have a bad reputation and might suffer punishment from the school. This could lead to bullying and later on depression.

  • It could ruin relationships.

Anybody could see their sext, even parents and that is just horrifying. Also, they could lose their parent’s trust.

While it is true that some teens can get away with sexting – as some might be deleted and not shared around -, why would you risk it? You can make use of monitoring software like Auto Forward that could alert you when your child’s text messages have inappropriate and sexual content and put a stop to it before it backfires and leads to unfavorable outcomes. Aside from this, it is wisest to talk to your child about being responsible when it comes to using their phones. Open communication with your kid could greatly help in making them aware of the dangers of sexting.

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