Top Features of the Best Parental Computer Monitoring Software

If you find yourself asking what is a good parental monitoring software to use, the best way to look for answers is to first consider the best features of that type of software, and then finding the specific software that checks all the boxes. You should also think about what features you need or what you want the software to do, since not all computer monitoring software are the same.

Why Would a Parent Need Computer Monitoring Software?

There are basically two huge reasons why a parent would need to install monitoring software n a child’s computer. One, it’s because the internet nowadays is filled with websites that are inappropriate for children yet are easy enough for a child to get into.

The second reason is that the internet is filling up with more predators than ever before, so much so that they are now using a wide variety of methods to reach out and communicate with children. Email, instant messaging services, social media – you name it, and chances are people with not-so-friendly intentions are already on it.

Because kids of today spend so much time online, their parents have a difficult time trying to safeguard them against the countless apps and websites that can expose them to disturbing, explicit, and even illegal content. Using parental monitoring software is a solid step towards making the internet a safer place for your kids.

So What Features Would a Parent Need on a Computer Monitoring Software?

As we mentioned, it all depends on what you need the software to do. Basically, the software should at least allow the parent to keep track of any communication being sent or received, to keep track of any websites that are being visited and how frequent those visits are, and to see what kind of content is being posted on social media.

Parental monitoring software that has the ability to keep track of the computer or device’s browsing history will be particularly useful.  The software will keep a log of all websites that your child has visited, including active links that you can actually click on to take you to the specific websites themselves.

A content filtering feature that allows the parent to set parameters so that certain websites that match those filters will be blocked will also be extremely valuable. These filters will usually block access to sites with pornographic, hate, or violent content.

Other Benefits

Depending on the monitoring software being used, parents can also keep track of their children’s internet time and regulate it if necessary. For parents with several kids using one computer or device, this is an especially useful feature. It makes it easy for the parents to set schedules and time limits for each child. For example, you may want to set a time limit for your child’s Facebook activities, but not if he needs to study and do some research for a paper.

Parental monitoring can also be done on your children’s cell phones, not just computers. You can then monitor SMS messages and even keep track of your kid’s whereabouts. A premium parental monitoring software such as Auto Forward can help you keep your children safe.