The Ultimate Guide to Parental Monitoring Software

Parental monitoring software can sometimes make parents feel uncomfortable about checking their kid’s activities on their mobile phones. They feel monitoring is a form of spying. But, it is necessary to understand that monitoring software for kids is essential to protect your offspring from any danger or harm on the internet. This software’s offers a lot of features like blocking internet content, retrieving text messages, setting screen time limits for internet usage and remote monitoring that helps parents to have safety controls on their children’s devices.

Peace of mind for parents is never easy. Especially when comes to their child’s safety. A good way to combat this is by having good quality parental software that allows you to extract information from your children’s devices without having to spy on them.  Software like Auto forward is such a useful and practical innovation that can be used by parents hand in hand to keep their children safe from the harm of internet usage, exchanges of text messages with a remote feature that that takes on a new meaning. 

Exposure to Unsafe Websites

Children are spending a lot of time on their mobile phones using the internet. They have easy access to modern gadgets and browsing different applications making them exposed to inappropriate content of a site. This content they read online also has an important role in their behavior and activities that can influence them.

With Auto Forward, you can monitor your child online activities such as:

–       Browsing history

–       The terms they used in search engines

–       Uploads and Download history

Text Messages Interactions

Retrieving old & deleted messages can give you a clear idea of what your children are up to as it is being used often in keeping in touch with their friends, family and the people close to them. Being able to monitor this means of communication will keep your child away from the danger of bullying or messages from strangers or predators.

Managing the time children spent on the internet

Most parents struggle to control their kids with their internet usage.

Little did our kid now, that limiting their time they spent on the internet means reducing the risk they will face in engaging in online interaction.  This is an essential part of parental monitoring as you are making them understand the importance of safe internet usage because the things that see and read online as well as the activities they get involved into can form their character and influence their mental development.

Remotely View Online Activities

Just by using the power of the internet, keep an eye on your kids become possible without having the device on your possession. Once the app is successfully installed to an Android device or the set up has been completed for an iOs device, Auto Forward lets you view the gathered information remotely. Simply sign in to the dashboard using any device that can get you online, then you can view the retrieve information from your children’s mobile device at anytime, anywhere.