The Key To Surviving Online Dating

Online dating can quite an emotional toll if you do it for a long time. It’s not easy to put yourself out there and try to meet people. And sometimes people are just awful. After a string of bad dates or rude messages, you might just want to quit altogether. But if you really want to find someone that you can spend the right of your life with you have to keep pushing and get past all the rude people, the thoughtless people and the people are just plain weird. The key to surviving online dating is really the same thing that is essential to get through life. And that’s a good sense of humor.

Date with Someone

A good sense of humor will boost your spirits when you don’t get a response from that person that you thought was perfect for you. Or when you receive yet another rude photo or invitation to hook up from someone that you’ve matched with. A sense of humor will also keep your spirits up when you’ve had yet another terrible first date with someone and you’re sure that you are never going to meet someone that you actually want to date. Keeping your sense of humor even during the times when you want to cry will give you the strength to keep trying and keep going on first dates.

Everyone Loves to Hear

If you can see the humor in the foibles of online dating you can actually find a lot of material for writing, tweeting, or even doing a podcast. Why not turn the horrifying, embarrassing, and just plain cringe-worthy details of your online search for love into a creative outlet? Everyone has bad dates, and everyone loves to hear about other people’s bad dates. You can commiserate with others and get a little creative catharsis at the same time by talking about the adventures you have in online dating.

Waste of Time

Leaning on your friends will also help you keep your sense of humor as you suffer through more bad online dates in an effort to find someone that has real partner potential. Your friends can help you weed out the worst of the worse and help you keep your perspective when it seems like you will never find anyone decent and online dating is just a waste of time and money. It’s not a waste of time and money, but it will seem like that sometimes.

Another fun way to handle the ups and downs of online dating is to keep a journal of all your online dating adventures. If you’re not comfortable sharing the details of your online dating public in a blog or podcast you can always just keep a journal for yourself. Document each online date that you go on and the person that you exchange messages with. Then you can look back and laugh at the ones that were really bad while you keep searching for that perfect match. And you might even learn something about yourself along the way.

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