How To Instantly Spot A Bad Online Dating Profile


There are thousands of legitimate dating profiles on dating sites, but unfortunately, there are also liars, scammers, and unsavory people trying to prey on online daters too. If you’re not careful you could end up falling for a catfish or becoming the victim of a scam unless you do a cell phone search. Or even just ending up dating someone that is a truly awful person. When you dive into the online dating pool always be careful and be on the lookout for profiles that have these elements because according to experts you should stay away from profiles like these:

The Lister

The Lister can be a man or a woman although you tend to see more female Listers than male. Listers are the people who have an enormous profile filled with lists of what they want in a partner. And they are extremely specific with their online profile. They usually have lists of books, or music, or movies that they love and unless you can discuss each one in detail they are not interested in you. Or they will have a laundry list of emotional and physical attributes that you must have in order for them to consider dating you. Well, you can just surf right on by the Listers. Online dating is hard enough without having to worry that you’re not measuring up to someone’s weirdly long list of dating criteria.

No Photo Phantom

It’s 2018. There’s no way that someone doesn’t have at least one photo of themselves that they can put on their online dating profile. Unless you’re my grandmother you have a smartphone or a computer with a webcam. Actually, even my grandmother has an iPhone. So there is no excuse for not having a single photo that you can put in your profile. The only reason someone wouldn’t put a photo in their profile is if they are trying to hide something. So skip any profile that doesn’t have a photo. Don’t even look at it. Nothing good can come from that. Especially if you’ve done a check with Phonespector software.

Sometimes you can’t know who to trust.

The Clever Guy or Girl

This is the person who tries to sound particularly edgy and clever in their profile. There are numerous red flags too. They will throw in obscure movie and book references while mentioning that you probably haven’t seen those movies or read those books because you’re not cool enough or witty enough. They try to paint themselves as better than other people and more intelligent, artsy, and cultured than other people. But that’s usually hiding a lot of personal insecurity. By making themselves seem like they are too good for online dating they are really letting you know that they are probably very judgmental and insecure so you would probably be better off finding someone else to message.