How Can the Best iPhone Monitoring Software Help You Protect Your Child from Bullying

Sadly, with the increasing popularity of smartphones, children are the most vulnerable to its harmful effects and parents turn to the Android and iPhone monitoring software to monitor their children. And as they say, every kid has to undergo a phase in their lives where they get bullied or they are bullying someone. But truth be told, bullying is not a norm, it is a social problem and no child has to experience it. With kids these days are often engrossed with their cell phones, bullying has found a new way to crawl into their lives.

What is Cyberbullying?

It is a form of bullying with the use of technology. It is harassment, threats and sometimes humiliation targeting a person. For young people who frequently hang around social networks, they might be name-calling, harsh and cruel posts or tweets. Some may be unintentional such as half-meant jokes, but still could be hurtful.

Effects of Cyberbullying

Children can experience devastating psychological effects that could later on end with their lives if not managed properly. As it could happen anytime and anyplace, almost the whole day, the victims feel like they have no place to go and escape. With technology such as mobile devices all around them, they are at risk for psychological trauma, anxiety, depression and other stress-related disorders. All of this could lead to suicidal ideations and actually ending their lives in the long run.

As cyberbullying can happen to adults, it can also happen to children and leave a lasting impact on their mental health. Studies have shown that cyberbullying affects a third of the kid’s population and is on the rise. With kids being the most susceptible group to cyberbullying and with them being reluctant to tell their parents, the latter now faces the problem of how to protect them. 

How Could Parents Help?

Fortunately, there is software that could help parents in dealing with cyberbullying. These applications could enable parents to keep watch of their children’s activities on their phones and the best we could recommend is Auto Forward. With the use of this spy app, parents would know if their child is being bullied or otherwise and would be able to take action and prevent it from happening to their child.

Auto Forward has a feature that allows you to block text messages, calls, and IMs of a certain person (aka the bully). You may also limit your child’s access to social media apps and websites by remotely blocking or uninstalling them. That way, your child will not be able to see cruel posts online.

While you may be able to combat bullying with technology, you still have to face your child. Sometimes, asking them how their day went and listening to them might just as well help you know if they bullied. Praise them for having the courage to talk to you about their problems and best if you would report the situation to school authorities. You can always show support and let your child feel less lonely by having their back.

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