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Over the years, social media has gone from being a small part of our lives to a major part. It changes the way that we interact with each other. Every time we log in there are millions of people and businesses wanting our attention. When your active on different social media platforms every day, it can feel like there is always someone shouting at you. Also on social media are the top 20 Infinity War memes.

For years people used social media to amplify their voices and connect with others. They used social media to draw attention to themselves, their projects, their businesses, and what they like. The big social media platforms are introducing more tools that people can use to curate their content and be more selective with what they see. Even with spying on others text messages


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Using Instagram On A Phone

Curated Content

Curated content is what people choose to see online. Facebook users can ‘snooze’ certain friends or pages. When the person or page is ‘snoozed’ posts from there don’t show up in that user’s feed. So you can effectively turn off posts from people without unfriending them and causing drama. The people that are snoozed never know they’ve been snoozed.

You can snooze them for a certain period of time or forever. This means you don’t have to see the latest angry rants from your overly political friend or sad animal videos anymore. You can filter your feed on all the big social media platforms so that you’re only seeing the kind of posts that you want to see. This makes your online experience even better. 

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Social Apps On An iPad

Is Curation The Next Big Thing?

Allowing users to curate their own content is going to be the next huge trend. It gives users control over what they see. People want to be more selective about what they’re seeing online, not overwhelmed with tons of content every time they log in. Curation tools give the users back the opportunity to decide their own feed. In turn this will make people spend more time on their apps. 

If you’ve been thinking about taking a social media break, then try using the new curation tools. They have them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter now. Social media becomes a lot more positive and a lot less stressful this way. If you enjoyed this, check out my last post about my best friend and I