Holiday party season is almost here. That means, once again, you have to worry about being tagged in a bunch of unflattering photos. Or, your loved ones might post pictures of you that you’d rather not have anyone else see. Obviously, you can control what other people can see on your profile by changing your privacy settings. Plus, you can take steps to make sure that your own posts don’t include any unwanted photos or comments. But how can you keep other people from tagging you in photos or sharing information that you’d rather not be made public? Whether it’s screenshots that catch a cheater in the act or just unflattering photos, there are a few ways. Here are some privacy strategy tips if you don’t want your every move posted on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or other social media sites:

Take The Photos Yourself

You can get the best, most flattering shots when you take group photos yourself.
Take the photo yourself to get the best shot.

If you’re someone that naturally avoids the spotlight, the idea of being front and center in everyone’s holiday photos can seem like a nightmare. But if you’re the one taking the photo, you can have control over where you post it. Even if you’re taking holiday selfies with friends and family, make sure you’re front and center. You can use a selfie stick to take a few shots, then text or email them to your loved ones. That way, you can be sure that your friends and family will use a photo where you don’t hate how you look.

Turn Off Tags

Did you know that you can turn off tagging on most social media sites? Some people don’t realize this, and that’s how their spouses are able to catch a cheater in the act. If you do, your friends and family won’t be able to tag you in their posts, so you won’t have to worry about them automatically showing up on your profile. All you need to do is go to your privacy settings and turn off the option for tagging. You can also set up your privacy settings to prevent posts you’re tagged in to show up on your timeline. Unless you allow it, your friends won’t be able to see any posts that you are tagged in.

Ask People To Not Tag You

You can’t control what photos your friends and family take at holiday gatherings. But if you’re worried about them posting unflattering or embarrassing photos of you online, ask them to avoid tagging you. Tell them that you just want to protect your privacy. I know that after I saw a friend catch a cheater in the act right on her Facebook feed, I’ve been much more careful about what I post online. I’m sure that your loved ones will understand and promise not to post any photos of you.