My second boyfriend turned out to be a married man. He fed me lies for months, and when I did discover that he was married to another woman, I didn’t leave him. We only broke up when his wife found out and forced him to dump me. It’s honestly my biggest regret. I should have done some research on him or looked up his marriage records before things went too far. That’s in the past now – I was young and foolish, but I’ve learned my lesson. I’d like to take this opportunity to protect my readers from dating a married man or woman.

Learn About Them

Every couple should take the time to learn about each other; that’s a natural part of dating. But you should also do some research on your date before entering a committed relationship with them. Look up their social media accounts, any possible marriage records, and employer information. Does something not match up? Or are they so secretive to the point that you can’t find their Facebook profile? They might be married.

Pay Attention To Red Flags

Don’t be afraid to trust yourself! If you have a gut feeling that something is wrong, or doesn’t add up, you’re probably right. I always had a feeling that man was lying to me, yet I still stayed with him. I wish I had trusted my instinct instead. Red flags are there to warn you, so don’t ignore them.

Consider Their Spouse’s Feelings

Cheating hurts everyone involved.
No one will emerge from this unscathed.

Sometimes, we’re too selfish to take a look at the whole picture. But if you’re knowingly involved with someone who’s married, take a second to consider how their spouse would feel. Do they already know? Are they under the false illusion that they’re in a happy relationship? Just because your partner is unhappy in their marriage, doesn’t mean they can use you to help them cope with it. If you continue dating them, there’s no happy ending. Everyone will get hurt.

I hope you’ll keep my advice in mind if you ever find yourself in a situation like this. Don’t be like me – respect yourself and end the relationship if it’s too sketchy. You can always reach out to me for additional advice, too.